Extraordinary Times Winners and Runners Up (with links).

October 30, 2020

‘Coronavirus Poem’ WINNER

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 NAHEMI Extraordinary Times / Canon Awards: 


BEST OVERALL FILM, Winner: ‘Coronavirus Poem’ (dir .Lucy Gatenby, prod Rebecca Hardess) / Falmouth University

BEST OVERALL FILM, Runner Up: ‘Mask’ (dir. Joana Caiano) / Arts University Bournemouth

BEST CREATIVE IDEA, Winner: ‘Banding Apart’ (dir. Edward Scott) / University of Roehampton

BEST CREATIVE IDEA, Runner Up: ‘The Bread’ (dir.Sophie Lee) / Arts University Bournemouth

BEST VISUALS, Winner: ‘Raft’ (dir. Jake Thompson) / University of South Wales


BEST VISUALS, Runner Up: ‘For Me’ (dir. Ioulietta Thymi) / University of Greenwich

BEST SOUND DESIGN, Winner: ‘Elsewhere’ (dir. Shiyun Gu) / London Film School

BEST SOUND DESIGN, Runner Up: ‘Home Escape’ (dir. Jing Zhao) /  London Film School

BEST EDITING, Winner: ‘Watch’ (dir. Tom Ford) / University of South Wales

BEST EDITING, Runner Up: ‘What We Had Time For’ (dir. Michelle Siu) / Anglia Ruskin University


You can watch the October 29th screening here. The password is ExtraordinaryTimes

And the Q&A here. Again, the password is ExtraordinaryTimes.

With huge thanks to Alya Soliman, the Competition Co-ordinator.

Congratulations to all entrants and winners!