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The Bill Vinten GTC University Awards

The GTC (Guild of Television Camera Professionals) held their film awards for students, the Bill Vinten GTC University Awards, at the University of Portsmouth in October. 

Collecting the top prize, the Bill Vinten GTC University Trophy, was Mark Adams, Film and TV Course Leader from Bath Spa University, with the University of Lincoln in second and the University of Chichester in third place.

“We were bowled over last year by the sheer quality, so to be recognised today by the GTC has been incredible,” said Mark. “We’ve really excelled this year and I’m so proud of our students.”

Mark Adams, Bath Spa University (Photograph by Helen Yates)

The University Trophy is awarded for demonstrating excellence in the teaching of camera skills across several genres.  Each film submitted is awarded points primarily on the camera skills of the undergraduate and their ability to execute shots that enhance the production and storytelling.

The top three scoring students receive paid work experience, a years membership of the GTC and an impressive trophy based on Vinten’s Fulmar studio pedestal and the GTC’s logo.

The winner of the student award was Mylinh To from Bournemouth University. Mylinh was DoP on Firing Line – The Coward set in the World War I trenches. Mylinh said, “I was shocked, amazed. I didn’t expect first place at all. I’ve never done such a big project. It took two weeks of filming, I was the only camera person so that was massive for me.”

Mylinh will join GTC member Jamie Cairney for a work experience placement on a new Jimmy McGovern drama. 

Dennis Griscenko from the University of Portsmouth was in second place for his work on Before Nightfall. ‘The experience was amazing, I did not expect it. A lot of the examples of work were outstanding and it was a good competition. I’m proud of myself and proud of the team that we made something that was worth awarding.’

Dennis will be joining DoP Martin Hawkins on a new ITV sitcom written by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkins, the writing team behind Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey and Ballot Monkeys.

Boryana Dzhivdzhanova studied at the University of Chichester and collected the third prize for her camerawork on Relevé. She will return to the UK during a break from her further studies in Bulgaria for paid work experience at the BBC Drama Village in Birmingham. “I’m really proud to be here and I’m really happy that our work has gotten recognised because it’s been really hard work.”

Mylinh To, Dennis Griscenko and Boryana Dzhivdzhanova (Photograph by Helen Yates)

Details of next years Bill Vinten GTC University Awards can be found on the GTC’s website under the Awards section or by contacting the awards organiser, Alan Duxbury,