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Cilect – Prague Invitation

Dear Nahemi members,

As members of Cilect we are invited to this annual conference. We have two delegates from the executive going, myself and Alistair Oldham, but it appears that there may be more places at the rate of 400 Euros (exluding travel) if you wish to attend.

best wishes


Conference 2011 Prague invitation





The National Association for Higher Education in the Moving Image, NAHEMI, presents a

programme of outstanding recent work by produced by film, television and animation

students around the country, with special awards for creativity and cinematography.


LOST TRACKS (dir. Jon Stanford)

London Film School / Drama

Tobi, a teenager disillusioned with her family life and friends, gets ready to run away

from her life in rural Shropshire.


NIGHTHAWKS (dir. Rebecca Archer & Joanna Arlington)

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham / Animation

“The inner life of a human being is a  vast and varied realm” Edward Hopper (1953)


MRS BATES (dir. Luis Jara)

Goldsmiths College / Drama

Life before Psycho, this is the story of Norman’s relationship to his mother. (


BELLY (dir. Julia Pott)

Royal College of Art / Animation

Oscar is coming of age, against his better judgement. In doing so he must experience

the necessary evil of leaving something behind, but he can still feel it in the pit of his stomach.


COMING OUT (dir.Milo Howitt)

Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries / Drama

Marc Foster hides a dark secret, living in exile amongst the shadows. A visitor makes a

discovery that will force Marc to confront his past and to step back into the light once more.Kong: Skull Island 2017 movie download


THE NEW AND THE OTHER (dir. Joseph Carauna)

University for the Creative Arts at Farnham / Animation

A confined community, a stagnant routine : when one man ventures outside, he is shocked

at what he sees and comes back to try and share what he has seen of the world outside.


EIGHTY EIGHT (dir.Seb Feehan & Josh Bamford)

Newport Film School / Documentary

Champion roller skater, cyclist and swimmer Ralph Settle refuses to let life get the better of him.

Now 88 and a widower, everyone on the streets of Cornwall knows him by sight as “The Banjoman”.


ABUELAS (dir.Afarin Eghbal )

National Film & Television School / Animated Documentary

In a small apartment in Buenos Aires, an old woman eagerly awaits the birth of her grandchild.

However horrific circumstances mean that she will have to wait for over 30 years.


In Defence of Public Higher Education

Following a lively discussion at yesterdays NAHEMI executive meeting, we thought the alternative white paper published in the Guardian  “In Defence of Public Higher Education” would be of interest to the NAHEMI membership.